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Children and Teens

Make those moments spent with your children unforgettable

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Your Pet is a member of your family

Make yourself a special present - Photograph your Pet!

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Family Photography

Children grow fast....Why not to capture those rare moments  of being together ....

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Experience beautiful Maritime Photography

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Welcome to Photo Focus Studio!






You have bought your first DSLR camera but not sure how to use it?

Then this workshop is for you!

You will learn, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere,

the basics of using your DSLR camera,

together with retouching your photographs on your PC.




Digital Photography Beginners Group

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TODAY'S  OFFER - £70 only!

30 MINS PHOTO SESSION WITH THREE 8"x 10" retouched photographs PLUS one Photograph turned into a  Greeting Card with post-production and graphic design (10 cards included).






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Photo Focus StudioMy name is Nadine Platt.  I am a British professional photographer and a professional artist, based in Irthlingborough, East Northamptonshire, on the crossroad between Northampton, Milton  Keyens, Kettering, Bedford and Peterborough. 
In my photographic approach I always use my artistic creativity and experience.

 Being an Artist myself I try to produce photographs which would express your inner essence and capture the magic of the moment at its most expressive. 

  Step into my world of inspirational, professional  photography, excellent service and exquisite ways to  display your photographs....read more ....





You can commission a Portrait for your CV, your Public profile on your Social Media page or for any other purpose. If you are plannng to update your business website or brochures  with good quality portraits of your employees, please don't hesitate to contact me.  

Old Photographs Re-Touching

If you have old photographs which need to be re-vitalised, this serivce is for you! Please see an example of a retouched photograph here.  

Commercial and Private Goods

Good presentation of your products printed and online affects the image of your business and influences your profitability. If you have an object that you want to be photographed professionally, such as your Car or any other precious object, please contact Nadine to arrange a photo session.

Wedding Photography

Make your Wedding Day unforgettable! Please visit my Wedding photography  page to learn more about my  services.

Parties and Events

I am also awailable to photograph Private and Commercial Parties and Events. Please follow the link to read more about my Services

Animals and Pets

Your Pet is a member of your family. Please contact me if you would like to have a great photograph of your animal.  


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White Sails Yacht by Nadine Platt
Photograph of a Dog with a pink bow
Dog Rosy
Two Brothers
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Photographing Tall Ships Regatta

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History of Photography

HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY   Photography as a new way of capturing images appeared many cent...

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