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 I like  photographing interesting events and parties.
One of such recent events was  Tall Ships Regatta (Falmouth, Cornwall)

The Tall Ships regatta, which took place at the end of August was an amazing, rare and unforgettable spectacle. Beautiful tall ships from all over the world arrive in all their glory to take breath during their long and intense race. This summer I went to Cornwell to immortalise this rare event with my camera.

Falmouth is a small pretty town,  acommodating a myriad of tall and small ships,  yachts with colourful sails and without,  boats and other vessels, in fact almost anything which could float on water. The small streets of the town itself were drowned in a river of tourists. There were around 200, 000 visitors this year who came from all over the world to witness this amazing event.



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Little shops with famous cornish pasties, atmospheric tea rooms, cafe shops, mini art galleries and boutiques hardly had time to take their breath during those three days.  Street musicians and actors together with thousands of colourful  large and small flags  created an atmosphere of fête and merriment. “Tall Guests” of the Falmouth harbour with high masts and spotless  manicured  decks felt the weight of hundrieds of curious viewers roaming up and down, backwards and forwards, from early morning till late evening.

The first day was gray and rainy. I went to take my first pictures but the sky was dull, people were hiding their faces underneath their rain coats and umbrellas but still  queueing stubbornly to be the first to pay respects to the slowly arriving “giants”.


Tall Ship with Flags

Tall Ship with Flags


I was using my camera and sometimes my mobile to “seize” those three unforgettable days.

The second day was sunny and allowed me to take better pictures of the tall ships. My husband and I sailed around the harbour on a fishermen’s boat. Locals were siezing the opportunity to make a “couple of shillings” offering guests of the town little trips around its harbour.

The carnival atmosphere lasted till late, when after a caramel  august sunset, the sky turned dark navy,  pierced by colourful fireworks – sending their farewell salutes to the honourable ships.

People were gathering around the pubs on the opposite side of the harbour trying to chose best points to see the fireworks.  There was lots of laughter that evening.

Next morning we all witnessed this majestic flotilla slowly leaving Falmouth, taking course for London’s Greenwich – the place of their final destination. The race was on…..

Flottila in All its Glory

Flottila in All its Glory


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