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From CanvasPop with Love!

October 22, 2015

Framed photograph

A large box has arrived with a pink sticker in a shape of a heart saying “Made with Love” and indeed it was. Being carefully packed in multiple layers of cardboard and three layers of bubble wrap a framed print has finally immerged. Quality and attention to detail is striking.

The print was carefully placed under the glass in a thin black wooden frame, ready to be hung on the wall by a solid metal string with two little buttons attached to the inside of the lower part of the fame to prevent it from touching the wall. The glass had one more plastic protection layer and the label on the back of it had the name of the quality controller.

One word comes to mind – perfection. I am not surprised as since 2009 CanvasPop has been absolutely obsessed with providing its clients with quality prints framed or on canvas.

This fast paced business has already acquired more than a hundred thousand lucky customers who enjoyed their prints. As an artist I can only say that any painting or photograph put in a frame looks somehow different, a frame serves as a “window” into another world of the image, which gives you a feel that you are there, inside, being part of this world…

Oh yes, another word can characterise this company – Generosity!

I guess the popularity of CanvasPop is also due to the fact that, in spite of high quality products they have always been generous, offering discounts up to 30% to new customers, running contests, giving and sharing , spreading their love across the globe.


They are always ready to go that “extra mile” providing their customers with a team of talented photo experts who would bring uploaded photographs to perfection, adjusting colours and contrast, if necessary removing red-eye and so on and all this at no extra cost.

Their solid guarantee of the quality includes reprinting your photograph should you feel not 100 percent satisfied or otherwise you would have their 100% Love Guaranteed.

Their Personal Designer is always there to make your special picture perfect.

This Tall Ship print, framed by CanvasPop, is now proudly decorates the wall in my living room above the fireplace. They can share their love with you, too! With a click of a button you can upload your favourite picture and participate in their new Contest to get a chance to win a free print from this amazing company.


What are you waiting for?


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