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Photograph of a Young woman in a Fur coat

You will be  provided  with the Best images for your career whether you are a model, a dancer, an actor, a singer or  represent any other profession which requires to show your visual potential, where you can look your best in print or on the Internet in order to find a new job, to sell your skills, to make new friends or meet that special someone.

I create Portraits for Profiles and Portfolios
for personal use and businesses.


The aim is to find an approach that is sufficiently traditional to fit in, yet unique enough to stand out at the same time.

My Internet Profile photographs  can also be used for online dating sites, writer portraits on book dust jackets, CVs and job applications, social and professional networking sites, freelancers’ websites, actor headshots (incl. for Spotlight) and for model agencies and sites.

My work in this field is commissioned either by the individuals themselves or their agents or employers.

Not all requirements and uses are the same. I will ensure that the style of the photography matches your intended use.

From the photo session you will receive a collection of digital images, properly sized, free of watermarks and optimised for use on the Internet or for print.



Please wear the appropriate clothes which complement your figure.

Number of Images provided: Seven digital images on CD with high resolution.

PLEASE NOTE : Under 18’s MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The Mini Profile Experience is not available to anyone under 16 years of age, sorry.


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