Being an artist and a photographer I have had to acquire experience in framing pictures and photographs, too, which I would like to share with today.

I will not talk about framing of oil or acrylic paintings on canvas as they will be framed by a specialist in one single frame. As for framing photographs and pictures on paper, such as watercolour, drawings, prints etc…one should have a different approach.

Here there are some tips of how to choose the right Mount and Frame for your Prints.

1. Choosing your Mount.

Every paper based picture should be mounted first. Mounts are light cardboard borders which surround the picture before glass and a wooden frame are applied.

Mounts vary in colours but for most pictures white, creamy, pale colours or sometimes black will make a good match. Some photographs or pictures might not need a mount at all as all this is down to your preferences. Mounts can be only complementary. If your print has pale colours you can match a pale mount, as darker mounts can overshadow the image, though for a picture with really dramatic colours this option might work.

2. Choosing your Frames

Nowadays you are spoiled for choice for frames. All you have to consider before choosing a frame is

 a) It’s material .

Frames can be made of wood, plastic with wood imitation, metal etc…

So, if you have an image which has more classical flair, then traditional wooden frame can go well with the theme of your picture. And vice-verso, for modern, even abstract images with bright colours more modernistic style of frames would be more appropriate.

Contemporary Art images may require black, bronze or metal frames as more classical themes go well with silver, gold or even plain wooden frames.

Here are some examples of modern framing for images:

  • Canvas wrap

  • Float frame

  • MDF Wall Block

  • Edged Hover Frame

b). The style of interior design of your room.

If the theme of your interior is more classical, then you can choose a piece of art or photography with a frame, reflecting and supporting this style.

If your house has modern look and you only buy contemporary photography or art then a frame should reflect the general modernistic style of your room.

c) Size and Thickness of your frames.

Photo Focus Studio Gallery-Shop online offers an interesting range of modern framing where photographs can be printed on a range of canvases.

Here are some examples of modern frames:


Canvas Wrap

Canvas WrapCurrently you can acquire a print on a canvas stretched around the frame – Canvas Wrap ( the name says it all…where the canvas is getting wrapped around a frame, stretched around it, allowing no frame to be shown or applied afterwards).

Float frame

floatCanvasnplattFloat frames (also known as the Box Frame) give a modern, minimalistic look to the traditional canvas.

This Box Frame is light and comes without glass. Float Frames are designed to hang flat on the wall giving a boxed floating effect to your image.

They are made from beautiful wood and painted with great care and are available in various colours usually matching the picture itself. The floating frames are placed spaciously around the print so your photo on canvas would really stand out.

MDF block.

MDF PringMDF block mounted prints will give your picture a contemporary look, ideal for your home or office. These stylish frames comes with 18 mm deep MDF wall blocks which include hand painted edges with all prints finished with either a matt or gloss laminate for protection before being mounted to the MDF block, finished with brass hangers.






Edged Hover Frame

Edged Hover FrameThis amazing ultra-stylish light weight innovative design places a print a few millimetres away from the edge of the frame giving the impression of hovering away from the frame edge and a few centimetres from the wall. The Edged Hover Frame is the statement of minimalistic presentation of a stylishly presented canvas wrapped around a wooden frame. The canvas is mounted to 5mm MDF before being embedded by a frame and printed on high quality photographic paper, finished with laminate. This new and modern way to display your prints will create significant impact in your home or office.




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